1. May 19
    Herding Tests
    Starshine Farm Lebanon CT (click the logo to download premium)
  2. May 19
    Membership Meeting
    Starshine Farm Lebanon CT - Membership meeting at lunch break during Herding Tests - Nominating Committee Discussion - Needing a Chair (if interested please contact Dan Bostwick)
  3. August
    Membership Meeting
    More Details Coming
  4. August
    Tracking Seminar
    Date to Be Determined. More Details Coming.
  5. Oct. 5th
    BBTC Agility Trial
    More Details Coming.
  6. Oct. 20th
    BBTC Specialty
    - BBTC Specialty with Annual Membership Meeting - Supported Entry - More Details Coming.
  7. Oct. 21th
    BBTC Supported Entry
    Troy Kennel Club Eastern States Exposition - Mallary Building West Springfield, MA